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The Urban Low Altitude Transport Association Inc. (ULTRA) is a business league corporation formed under section 501(c)6 of the internal revenue code and the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act.  Our mission is to promote the aviation and infrastructure interests of companies, operating and supporting aeronautical vehicles as an aid to the conduct of their businesses; to foster among them the highest degree of operational efficiency and safety; to bring Members into closer personal and friendly relations with each other; to interchange ideas on operational matters; to advance and maintain an enlightened understanding on the part of governmental authorities and other regulatory and policy bodies of its problems; to take such steps as are proper and necessary in order to promote better relations and secure proper advantages from regulatory and other agencies, and by these means to attain wider recognition of the fact that the related activities of its Members are of primary importance to the domestic economy of the nation; to take all other appropriate action in furtherance of such purposes; and consistent with the above, to exercise all powers available to corporations organized pursuant to 2013 New Jersey Revised Statutes Title 15A.



ULTRA advocates for its members in all forums relevant to the urban air transport industry including, but not limited to industry events, industry members, federal, state and local legislators, regulators and executive bodies, and any other opportunity to advance the interests of the members.  Our Board of Directors and executive staff directly and indirectly act to provide informed positions through direct contact with appropriate officials and through traditional and social media sources.  

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