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ULTRA Happy Hour! - Dec. 9th, 2020

UAS Education - Classroom to Courtroom

ULTRA Happy Hour! - Nov. 19th, 2020

Urban Air Mobility in the New York City metro area

ULTRA Happy Hour! - Nov. 5th, 2020

UAS Privacy Issues 

Webinar - Aug. 4th, 2020

State of Counter UAS - Policy and Practice

Aug. 4th, 2020 C-UAS webinar


The Urban Low Altitude Transport Association (ULTRA) promotes the aviation and infrastructure interests of companies, operating and supporting manned and unmanned aeronautical vehicles involved in the transportation of people and packages in and around densely populated areas.

ULTRA takes a "bottom up" approach to the industry, focusing on the real operational and environmental issues that must be addressed for the integration of these new technologies into regions with congested airspace and existing air transportation operators.


Our mission is to develop industry-supportive positions that serve to inform legislators, regulators and the public about the needs and benefits of this next generation air transportation mode, and allow for the practical deployment of these new technologies while supporting legacy aviation operators.

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